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I am Irina Gorina, the creative force behind The Wall Dresser. Born in the heart of Western Siberia, I grew up in a place surrounded by abundant nature. As a little girl, I reveled in collecting nature treasures and crafting my own unforgettable experiences, guided solely by the wonders of the world around me.

Alongside my little childhood companions, I ventured into the captivating world of making candy wrapper treasures. With utmost dedication, we would carefully nestle little candy wrapping papers under fragments of broken glass, gently burying them beneath the crispy snow. Melting little holes with our fingertips, we then unveiled a breathtaking art gallery of vibrant wrapper motifs encased in glass. Little did I know that this childhood game would lay the foundation for my creative journey, where I find beauty in the mundane to this day.

As the USSR crumbled during my school years, the influence of the West spread beyond the Ural Mountains, transforming candy wrappers into pages from fashion magazines. I was captivated by photography, fonts, layouts, and simply by the sheer grace of these publications. 

Later during my time as a Business Studies student at Edinburgh University, my room walls were stubbornly covered with fashion magazine pages. This passion accompanied me ever since through my personal and professional life, always seeking to infuse boundless creativity into everything I pursued.

Crafted within the walls of my Zurich Studio, my digital and analog photographic collages remix and blend small treasures from personal life, nature, fashion, art, design and images from the world of advertising. I experiment, fantasise and stage the beauty by putting the unbridled magnificence of nature or an object to the contrast of a meticulously crafted photographic image. Aspiring to offer a captivating yet incomplete glimpse, I incite the viewer's own imagination to fill the gaps and create their own unique narrative. Influenced by my work as a Creative Director in the sexual well-being industry, all my artworks are unconsciously or purposely infused with desire, subtle eroticism and sensuality, blurring boundaries and inviting to discover beauty in most unexpected places.

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